Why to choose Valladolid as your next destination.

Why to choose Valladolid as your next destination.

casa aluxes centro de valladolid

A Magic Town with the whole Yucatan tradition

Valladolid is a very calm and compact city but with very picturesque and traditional corners to discover. According to the Travel Lemming webpage, Valladolid was awarded as the number 1 Northamerican Emerging Travel Destination in 2019. It is the second most important city of Yucatan and the oldest one as well. It also holds the category of “Magic Town” since the year 2012 which means that the city counts with its own symbols and legends which are unique and transcendental for the entire country!

City with charm and personality of its own.

From the very first moment that you go through the city entrance, you will notice the bustling environment and the city charm. Little by little, as you come closer to the heart of the city, you will arrive at Don Francisco Cantón Park to admire the colonial architecture that characterizes the several hotels and the delightful restaurants.   

Valladolid's privileged location turns it into a quite comfortable zone to visit other cities, such as Merida (the Capital of the State), or if you prefer the Caribbean beaches but, without actually staying there, Valladolid is the right place to choose. Near Valladolid, there are also several archaeological zones such as Chichén Itzá or Ek-balam, definitely a must in your visit to the city.

Adventure and mysticism in the grottoes and cenotes depths.

Yucatan has countless natural wonders, being the most interesting ones for the travelers, the little underground water deposits, better known as cenotes. There are more than 10 cenotes located in less than an hour by car, which are very recommended to visit especially after the whole morning walking through the archeological zones. Many of the Cenotes have their own restaurants, making the visit more convenient. Within Valladolid you can find only one cenote, the one and only Zaci, but there are many more in less than 10 to 15 minutes away by car, like Hubiku, Dzitnup, Itkil, Oxman just to mention a few of them.

Cenote Zacil Tunich 40 minutes from Valladolid

Tasty gastronomy

And, lastly but not less important, you have to taste Valladolid's distinguishable gastronomie, which gave it a chapter in the Netflix series “Crónicas del Taco”, being the Cochinita *Pibil the region star plate.

Valladolid's longaniza is also a house specialty along with Lima soup, the delicious papadzules, panuchos, salbutes and the famous poc-chuc, all of them are part of the great cultural Valladolid gastronomy, one of the most ancient gastronomy in the country, awarded and preserved by many, inarguably pride of the Yucatecan people. It's worth the world to taste it!

Chaya empanadas, tasty!

Anyway, there's no city like this one, a destination full of magic, history and, over all, culture. It preserves its own ancient traditions proper of the place, simple and uncommon such as people sitting at their “porches” every afternoon just to see passing by some friends or strangers and wave them goodbye, “dressing” the neighborhoods with their presence. 

It is because things like that, small things that matter and that are unexpected that makes it a wonderful place to visit. Valladolid is a city that you won't forget, it holds a simplicity that catches you and amazes you every time. Please don't take too long…

In Valladolid's main park, its music and traditional revelry (regional dancing) welcome the world visitors who stop for tasting Valladolid's classic ice cream or marvelous “marquesitas” and take a seat in the old timelovers” public chairs.

*pibil is a Mayan word that means cook underground


 1.- The time of entry (check-in) to the rooms begins at 3:00 p.m. The departure time (check-out) is strictly at 12:00 hrs.

  • I. The check out time must be respected, charges apply for leaving the room just after that time. If you require more time, you should check with The Reception.
  • II. If the guest responsible for your reservation does not show up on the day chosen for check-in, it is important that you notify your new check-in date, otherwise your reservation will automatically be lost without the right to a refund.
  • III. For security reasons, no guest can access the hotel facilities using the name of another person, unless the holder of the reservation previously notifies The Reception, otherwise they will be denied access.

 2.- Entry or access to the rooms is not allowed to people in a state of
drunk or under the influence of pills or narcotics and, much less that they show a
extremely aggressive behaviour.

  • I. People who decide to stay at this hotel must show a
    correct, ethical and moral behavior.
  • II. People who display inappropriate, aggressive or arrogant behavior
    unjustified with the hotel staff or, with any other person within the hotel,
    will be cause for immediate termination of your reservation contract and you must leave the
    facilities or, otherwise, will be made available to the authorities

 3.- It is forbidden to smoke any type of product: cigarettes, cigars, electric cigars, in the
interior of the hotel and its rooms.

 4.- The use of the pool is from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. The use of the pool must be calm and “safe”, avoid making risky or dangerous jumps (especially for adults) to enter
To the pool. Access to the pool is reserved exclusively for hotel guests, or, in
certain cases, to restaurant customers (prior notice).

 5.- All guests are required to identify themselves and fill out the registration papers and other documentation requested by the reception.

 6.- The hosting service must be paid before or during your check-in.

 7.- No user has the right to provide accommodation to any person without consent
management prior. Only hotel guests have access to use the facilities
of the same.

 8.- If a guest gets sick, the Reception can call the doctor, they can be treated in
his room, if required by the guest, if the disease is contagious for reasons not attributable to the establishment, the guest will be transferred on his own to the place to which he
suits you. All expenses that these situations may cause are borne by
the person requesting these services.

 9.- The hotel is not responsible for objects or valuables forgotten or lost in the hotel facilities.

 10-. The use of furniture, clothing and other service objects must be rational and moderate, taking care of them properly, every guest when leaving his room has the obligation to leave the air conditioning off, as well as the doors, windows and keys of water closed, also return the key to the reception. Any damage caused by the guests to the objects, personal property or the immovable property of the property, will be their exclusive responsibility.
responsibility, having to pay for their repair.

11.- The hotel closes its doors at 10:00 p.m. and opens at 8:00 a.m., any entrance
Outside these hours, it must be through the parking lot doors.

12.- Failure to comply with these internal lodging regulations by the guest will be causal
termination of the hosting contract without legal liability for the company. The Management understands that it receives travelers from many parts of the world, of different genders, situations and social strata, however, all are welcome and worthy of respect. Management is committed to upholding these values to the extent possible, as well as expecting hotel guests to commit to them. In case of non-compliance with the regulation, extra charges will be applied for damages in the hotel facilities. For more information, ask at the reception the costs per damaged item and other penalties such as the following: smoking, introducing people from outside the establishment.

In all parts of the world, respect is respect, and, as an indigenous person in Mexico once said, "between
individuals as between nations, RESPECT for the rights of others, is peace”.

Management honors this phrase and opens the doors to all those willing to honor it as well.

Welcome travelers.

Forbidden vapers and cigars/ vapers and cigarettes are not allowed